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Things that were sublimely wonderful about last night’s OUaT, Ep 4x19 (Gifs ganked from tumblr, not mine)

Mostly shallow thoughts really, all Rumbelle :) Well, and illogically, I like Will’s character. I liked him working with Rumple (sidekick!Will is cute) almost as much as I like the opportunity it gives for aggressive!possessive!Rumple to come out ;) I loved him getting in Will’s space, those two spark off each other beautifully, like how Michael Socha reacts when Robert Carlyle pushes him backwards. Or how he looked away when Rumple replaced Belle’s heart—Like someone said on tumblr, as if the marital intimacy of the moment was overwhelming to witness.

Ahhhh *happy sighs* Yup catalyst!Will I can handle. If he wasn’t there to take Belle’s hand then there wouldn’t have been any Other Man for her to step away from, or other man's hand to actively let go of.

Oh and what a couple of eps these have been for floof! Possibly I think the RC floof is entering it’s best phase EVER, and that is saying A LOT, people.

tumblr_nn72dmLPKV1s7rc3zo2_540 But giving it a run for it’s money, EdR’s hair is stunning too.

(I did say these were mostly shallow thoughts!)

I loved that we DID get Rumple being the one to replace Belle’s heart. If he had given it to Will to do I might have thrown something at my TV. (I really didn’t like Rumple handing her off to Will after that, but I get that he thought he was doing the right thing, not the cowardly thing, and I’m trying to focus on the positive here. So moving on…)

The way in which he did it was nicely done. His hand moving to her shoulder was sweetly tentative—very slowly and gentle, so light at first, as if he wasn’t sure if she would let him or how she would react, which was good continuity for where the characters were at, then tightening his grip as if he really was going to shove something forward—but mostly she was the one to move her shoulder back.
The whole OUaT heart mythology is frankly awkward to film and frequently is so hokey/cheesy it breaks me (and other viewers I know) right out of suspension of disbelief because you can’t film that without spending any money on special effects—unless you actually take some time with rehearsal, choreograph HOW you are going to do it, and give some thought to timing and camera angles with some patient and talented actors, and ALL that came together here for once, so hats off to EdR and RC.
Doesn’t hurt that it TOTALLY had heavy sexual overtones for all us starved-of-any-action Rumbelle shippers too for that matter, ahem. DO NOT try to tell me that was accidental!


Not even sorry ;-)

Another thing, (more RC fangirling, not even sorry about that either :) if you look at the physical acting in this ep of EdR when RC replaces her heart, and Michael Socha when RC pushes him backwards, they both react hugely while RC is almost completely still and moves with what looks like a lot of power but hardly any actual movement.


I dunno, I’m not explaining that well, but it works beautifully on screen to create the effect of strength and something significant happening.

Other good bits…oh, Rumple maddogging Will when Will said he was working on stealing Belle’s heart *shiver*

Rumple pwning Maleficient was pretty smooth too. I like how he’s not all hangdog when he’s not dwelling on things, he just reverts to his cruising bad boy self and buries the woobie. It speaks of how many times he has been around the block.

Anyone else still watching for their weekly 2 minutes and 30 seconds of acting masterclass with Robert Carlyle? :D

ETA this gorgeous gorgeousness of Rumbelle smouldering Bobby eyes ♥~♥

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I am. Word to your entire post. It's wonderful. :)

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Yay! *twirls and hugs you* I'd x-post to the comm but I have no idea how to post pics and gifs in comments and i have to be up for work in like 6 hrs

*edits to add in moar romantic angsty rumbellyness*
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