liliannabelle: by ultra_fic (Docks Rumbelle Happy)
2014-08-21 11:36 pm

Set video from OUaT filming S4

Oh gosh you guys...I needed this today! I was just agreeing with a friend on here about fangirling being an antidote to depression and hoo boy this was like manna from heaven.

So so SOOO cute! The new LJ format isn't displaying the cut text, so click below if you don't mind seeing OUaT set pic spoilers from filming today.

Set pic spoilers from filming today )
liliannabelle: by ultra_fic (Rumbelle)
2013-12-03 09:52 pm

Can I just say...

No matter WHAT was so interesting that the rest of the world was entranced, if Robert Carlyle was there, this would SO be me:

Very mild spoilery pic for (presumably) upcoming OUaT eps )
And I would so have an expression of daft adoration on my face not unlike EdR's!