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Things that were sublimely wonderful about last night’s OUaT, Ep 4x19 (Gifs ganked from tumblr, not mine)

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Life is getting away from me...a very belated happiest of birthdays to the perfectly lovely [ profile] ultra_fic

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Oh gosh you guys...I needed this today! I was just agreeing with a friend on here about fangirling being an antidote to depression and hoo boy this was like manna from heaven.

So so SOOO cute! The new LJ format isn't displaying the cut text, so click below if you don't mind seeing OUaT set pic spoilers from filming today.

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(Spoilers for all aired OUaT eps, through the first half of season 3)

I'm terrible at keeping track of non-linear storytelling, and this is hampering my ability to write early!Rumbelle, which is one of favorite kinds of fic. So (unless anyone knows if someone else has already done this and I can just borrow theirs) here is a clumsy work in progress timeline, for my own reference. (Any and all help/corrections VERY much appreciated!)
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I can so see him looking at Belle, who is blushing so much it takes away some of his own nerves. I need some Full Monty Anyelle!

monty fairytalesasoldastime

Gif by fairytalesasoldastime
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Ignore me, I just need to put this somewhere because plotbunnies!

SERIOUS MATTERS TO DISCUSS: do you think Rumbelle's having hot sex in the show or are they still ~~~pure~~~


You know, I always liked to think they were, but I wasn’t sold on the idea they were knocking boots until The New Neverland. They just didn’t have a whole lot of time to get to that point in their relationship. I know people used the fact that they were obviously sleeping in the same bed in “The Crocodile” as proof, but I figure that after 30 years in solitary, Belle probably just didn’t want to sleep alone. I can also see Rumple being really hesitant about doing anything to “hurt” Belle so I don’t think they would have immediately jumped into bed together. After “The Crocodile” they broke up and then were taking things slow. They were getting back to a solid relationship but then “The Outsider” happened and Belle was memory wiped, then Lacey. I am in the camp that Rumple and Lacey didn’t sleep together, just because I don’t think Rumple would have felt comfortable with that, especially if Belle were still a virgin. (Although I fully embrace Golden Lace fics that take place during that time cause holy hell are they hot!). Once Belle got her memory back, Rumple was off to Neverland. So they really didn’t have much time for getting down.

Then came The New Neverland. There was implied Rumbelle reunion sexiness up the wazoo in that episode. Belle putting Rumple’s clothes on him (after I assume helping to take them off). Their little flirty exchange “perfect” “thank you” “you’re welcome”. Then the kissing cutting away to dwarves toasting. The insanely good mood Rumple was in the next day when he gave Charming the dreamshade cure. All signs point to Rumbelle sex!

Did they do it before then? I don’t know. It’s possible. But as of New Neverland, I think Rumbelle definitely took their relationship to the next level. Because this is a family show on ABC, I think our only definitive answer to that question will be if they get married or have a baby (or both).

Yep…..I never thought they slept together in the Crocodile because if they had, why would Gold put on his suit and tie to go down to his “lab”? No, I always felt he just lay next to Belle and comforted her.

I also didn’t think he and Lacey did much beyond kissing for several reasons..but I don’t want to get into that….

Oh in TNN, they had sex ALL the time, lol….. they did it, then they got dressed, then again (ditched the party, too, lol)… the morning, lol. It couldn’t have been made clearer. Aside from Gold being incredibly happy, he was breathless and his hair was completely mussed…….. If they hadn’t been accosted by the Charmings, I’m pretty sure Rumbelle would have gone back to the pink house for some more, lol

throat porn
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rum sex

I have a new Dark Castle Rumbelle fic! Droit du Seigneur

It’s not explicit really at all (yet, anyway!) just rated ‘mature’ for themes.
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Name/Age/Location: Lily/30s/East coast America

Favorite OUAT Characters: LOL, Rumbelle, obvs! I also love Lana, I mean Regina is a bitca but I love it when Lana is on screen. Ditto for Hook--LOVE the actor, not so much the character. Oh and young Cora ♥

Favorite OUAT Episode: Skin Deep (predictable, I know!)

Favorite OUAT Quote: Oh crikey...uh anything with Rum saying "dearie" makes my heart flutter happily... I love Belle's proclamations about love and steadfastness, LOVE when Rum said "that's the last time I don't listen to you" :)

Why do you ship Rumbelle? Mostly, it's the actors who breathed such life into the pairing, but I also love how the fairytale was handled in Skin Deep, with the kinda forced situation but then he was a perfect gentleman--well, okay, there was a dungeon, but he didn't try to *hit* on her, and how she won his heart, not by being weak and feminine-wibbly, but by being so strong, so irrepressibly Belle

Any other OUAT 'ships? Honestly, I ship Rum with anyone. I can see Emma/Gold, Cora/Rumple, lots of things. I kinda want some UST for Belle with Hook just so she can reject him and he has to come to regret all the ways in which he hurt her.
It's my secret shame, and I wouldn't want them to get together romantically, but I surprised myself with how much I REALLY want Bae to step up and protect Belle when Rum is absent.

Other fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Battlestar, West Wing, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey...but really I have only the time and effort to be a *focused* fangirl for one thing at a time, and right now it's OUaT for Rumbelle!

Friending policy: Love 'em! Friend away! ♥ I always friend back, but I work long hours and have young kids so forgive me if I don't always keep up with the friend's list/dash.

What can we expect from your journal? Right now it's just a fandom LJ, so anything I want to remember or "have" from Rumbelle. Occasional fanfic too as I try to find time to finish my many Rumbelle and Anyelle WIPs! I actually don't post often, so I won't clog up your flist! But I do try to comment when I can, LJ is more my medium than tumblr, I like the communicative dimension. I like the pretty things on tumblr but I can't pretend to understand quite how it works.

Anything else?: I know my Rumbelle fics are few, but I've written a lot in other fandoms (and in what feels like other lives!) and had quite a following. This journal is a fresh start, because while I met some really lovely fangirl friends, it got a bit claustrophobic. I think I'm more comfortable being a nobody!
I LOVE Robert Carlyle. I get a bit tetchy when OUaT isn't all it could be in terms of writing because he deserves better, so I'm not always very nice about OUaT as a show. I won't spew negativity in your LJ, I promise (or at least it will be under a cut!) I'm just watching for Rumbelle. I love meta conversations about how things could be BETTER written.

Also, err, watch for warnings on possible future kinky!Rumbelle smut fic!
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No matter WHAT was so interesting that the rest of the world was entranced, if Robert Carlyle was there, this would SO be me:

Very mild spoilery pic for (presumably) upcoming OUaT eps )
And I would so have an expression of daft adoration on my face not unlike EdR's!
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“No. Sometimes I wonder if there are not real vampires in this world.”

Rum froze and stared at her, still as stone. “And why is that?” he asked, though he could hardly talk at all. His mind raced, thinking about a way to get her out without anyone noticing.

“Not real vampires, of course. I’m rational enough to think it highly unlikely that there exists something like blood sucking monsters out there. Though, a romantic part of me finds the possibility of it intriguing. But I was talking about a different kind of vampire. Someone who lives on the attention he gets from others, who needs them to listen to him and sucks up their energy, drains them…

Golden Vampire on AO3 by Suchadearie

told u so1told u so2told u so 3
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I’m not invested one way or the other in who vision!Belle turns out to be, I see potential awesome RumBelle feels in all outcomes :D but my brain wants to speculate anyway (probably to avoid all the stressful things I should be thinking about in the real world!)

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