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Things that were sublimely wonderful about last night’s OUaT, Ep 4x19 (Gifs ganked from tumblr, not mine)

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Life is getting away from me...a very belated happiest of birthdays to the perfectly lovely [ profile] ultra_fic

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I'm beyond caring caring about anything except how utterly and completely Robert Carlyle STOLE this whole show tonight.
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Oh gosh you guys...I needed this today! I was just agreeing with a friend on here about fangirling being an antidote to depression and hoo boy this was like manna from heaven.

So so SOOO cute! The new LJ format isn't displaying the cut text, so click below if you don't mind seeing OUaT set pic spoilers from filming today.

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(Spoilers for all aired OUaT eps, through the first half of season 3)

I'm terrible at keeping track of non-linear storytelling, and this is hampering my ability to write early!Rumbelle, which is one of favorite kinds of fic. So (unless anyone knows if someone else has already done this and I can just borrow theirs) here is a clumsy work in progress timeline, for my own reference. (Any and all help/corrections VERY much appreciated!)
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I was just chatting with a new Rumbelle friend about the different OUaT actors, and I got to thinking about something Robert Carlyle once said when comparing the difference between US actors and UK actors--he said in the UK actors are expected to bring something to filming other than just having learned their lines. UK actors generally expect to have more of a defined idea of their character, and how the scenes will play out, whereas in the US, actors are more of a blank slate and expect the director and show runner will tell them how to play it.

That's probably an over-generalization, and not meant as a judgment that one way is better than the other. (Also, it's paraphrased from my awful memory, so hopefully I didn't get that backwards or am otherwise horribly misquoting my beloved RC!)
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Spoilers through all aired eps in season 3 OUaT

I watch this show for Robert Carlyle. Along the way I fell in love with Emilie de Ravin. I think Lana Parilla and Colin O'Donoghue are fabulous too.

I'm not in love with the OUaT writing, however, so bail now if you want only positivity! I like watching Colin on screen. I think he's a good actor, and he's delectable to look at. I want to like Hook, but I can't--to do so would be checking my integrity at the door.

JMO: I just want to try to put my finger on my problem with Hook, and how his character is being handled.

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No matter WHAT was so interesting that the rest of the world was entranced, if Robert Carlyle was there, this would SO be me:

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And I would so have an expression of daft adoration on my face not unlike EdR's!


Nov. 15th, 2013 10:46 am
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Help me, obi wan Belle* f-list! I have an unexpected free afternoon tomorrow, I could go to a movie! It has been AGES since I saw a movie, but now I have dilemma-- I want to see Thor, but I also LOVED Ender's Game for years now. (I know the author turned out to be a raging homophobe, and yes, that has spilled over and soured my reading of his works, if he just had opinions that were different from mine, that's one thing, I'm used to being too liberal and socialist for everyone, but his activism and $$ thrown at hate-fueled homophobia is just UGH. Sigh... but Ender's Game has a special place in my heart.)

*Somebody, somewhere on tumblr, surely had put Princess Leia hair buns on hologram!Rum, Y/Y?
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I’m not invested one way or the other in who vision!Belle turns out to be, I see potential awesome RumBelle feels in all outcomes :D but my brain wants to speculate anyway (probably to avoid all the stressful things I should be thinking about in the real world!)

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