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rum sex

I have a new Dark Castle Rumbelle fic! Droit du Seigneur

It’s not explicit really at all (yet, anyway!) just rated ‘mature’ for themes.
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Name/Age/Location: Lily/30s/East coast America

Favorite OUAT Characters: LOL, Rumbelle, obvs! I also love Lana, I mean Regina is a bitca but I love it when Lana is on screen. Ditto for Hook--LOVE the actor, not so much the character. Oh and young Cora ♥

Favorite OUAT Episode: Skin Deep (predictable, I know!)

Favorite OUAT Quote: Oh crikey...uh anything with Rum saying "dearie" makes my heart flutter happily... I love Belle's proclamations about love and steadfastness, LOVE when Rum said "that's the last time I don't listen to you" :)

Why do you ship Rumbelle? Mostly, it's the actors who breathed such life into the pairing, but I also love how the fairytale was handled in Skin Deep, with the kinda forced situation but then he was a perfect gentleman--well, okay, there was a dungeon, but he didn't try to *hit* on her, and how she won his heart, not by being weak and feminine-wibbly, but by being so strong, so irrepressibly Belle

Any other OUAT 'ships? Honestly, I ship Rum with anyone. I can see Emma/Gold, Cora/Rumple, lots of things. I kinda want some UST for Belle with Hook just so she can reject him and he has to come to regret all the ways in which he hurt her.
It's my secret shame, and I wouldn't want them to get together romantically, but I surprised myself with how much I REALLY want Bae to step up and protect Belle when Rum is absent.

Other fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Battlestar, West Wing, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey...but really I have only the time and effort to be a *focused* fangirl for one thing at a time, and right now it's OUaT for Rumbelle!

Friending policy: Love 'em! Friend away! ♥ I always friend back, but I work long hours and have young kids so forgive me if I don't always keep up with the friend's list/dash.

What can we expect from your journal? Right now it's just a fandom LJ, so anything I want to remember or "have" from Rumbelle. Occasional fanfic too as I try to find time to finish my many Rumbelle and Anyelle WIPs! I actually don't post often, so I won't clog up your flist! But I do try to comment when I can, LJ is more my medium than tumblr, I like the communicative dimension. I like the pretty things on tumblr but I can't pretend to understand quite how it works.

Anything else?: I know my Rumbelle fics are few, but I've written a lot in other fandoms (and in what feels like other lives!) and had quite a following. This journal is a fresh start, because while I met some really lovely fangirl friends, it got a bit claustrophobic. I think I'm more comfortable being a nobody!
I LOVE Robert Carlyle. I get a bit tetchy when OUaT isn't all it could be in terms of writing because he deserves better, so I'm not always very nice about OUaT as a show. I won't spew negativity in your LJ, I promise (or at least it will be under a cut!) I'm just watching for Rumbelle. I love meta conversations about how things could be BETTER written.

Also, err, watch for warnings on possible future kinky!Rumbelle smut fic!
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Title: “Her First Night in the Dark Castle”
By: [ profile] liliannabelle
Pairing/Medium: RumBelle Fic
Rating/Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: ABC owns RumBelle and OUaT; I own more hair ribbons than I can ever use :)
Summary: Skin Deep missing scene.
Word Count: ~400
Author Notes: Just a quick snapshot missing scene from Skin Deep. I am always delighted by feedback, good or bad, I can take it :) Spoilers up to Skin Deep only. Can also be read at Ao3:


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Title: “His Touch”
By: [ profile] liliannabelle
For: I don’t think anyone because I’m a last minute tagalong, new to this fandom, but a thousand thank yous to [ profile] lady_green_bat for letting me join in!
Pairing/Medium: RumBelle Fic
Rating/Warnings: PG , no warnings beyond what you saw in Skin Deep
Disclaimer: ABC owns RumBelle and OUaT; I own more hair ribbons than I can ever use :)
Summary: Skin Deep missing scene.
Word Count: ~4,000
Author Notes: Written for the Winter Rumbelle Challenge at [ profile] rumpel_belle. Spoilers up to Skin Deep only.

His voice was rough, his words bitingly cruel, but his hands on her body were whisper soft. )
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A missing scene of sorts…from a season two flashback to FTL…I’m ashamed to admit how bad I am with episode names, but I’m sure any Rumbeller will recognize it right away.

As with all my stories, it’s a WIP I guess, or a snapshot. I am always very much starved for feedback, good or bad, I can take it and would love to hear from someone!

Looks like I’ll use LJ for the fic I am uncertain of (which would be all my Rumbelle and Anyelle WIPs, LOL!) I am so new to this fandom and don’t have much patience for the show beyond Robert Carlyle scenes, so my knowledge of canon is abysmal, forgive me?

Awesome GIF by TickTockDearie on Tumblr


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Can you fanfic a fanfic? I don’t want to upset the author so I have yet to post this to Ao3 or tumblr. This story blatantly steals the idea of Plunkett whisking Belle away from a party, as I read and fell in love with in the most gorgeous “Face Up Against the Glass” by tjmystic on AO3, which you can read here:
I really hope she doesn’t mind me taking that notion; I just love it! Maybe if I clean this one up a bit I will have the guts to ask her if she minds that I have fanficced her fanfic. In the meantime, I’ll just hide it here. After all, no one reads poor old LJ anymore :/
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