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Nov. 15th, 2013 01:55 pm
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I'll admit I've been lax in my fangirling of a show that I grew up with, and consumed my life during the Eccleston/Tennant era. I still consider myself a big Doctor Who fan, so I thought I'd try with watching The Name of the Doctor (not bad actually) and the Night of the Doctor (was that really Paul McGann?!).
But my biggest repulsion factor is Moff, TBH. Not a bad writer, I LOVED Sherlock, but he's such an egotistical, misogynistic wanker. Then I saw this:

Quotes, so that next time I think, eh, I should give it another try, I can come here and remember why I don't bother:

Moff *actually said* "...time has passed. I think it would be beyond the dignity of all those very fine actors to want to force themselves back into a costume from 20 or 30 years ago.”

Commentary from astute fans:

"I saw Peter Davison speak yesterday at Hal Con...he feels the 50th is celebrating the 50th Anniversary itself rather than 50 years of the program. He said that Moffat had basically penned something that celebrates his own work rather than something than something that celebrates the show as a whole..."

and "The fiftieth should not be about one man and his ego. It should be about the fans, all the doctors, all the companions and all the stories that have been loved and lived. And we’re not going to get that.

Can people see now that’s it’s not just some people on tumblr who are upset about this? It’s the actual actors from the show you all claim to love, being shunted aside for Moffat’s wank fest.

It’s such a tragedy that this show, which is at its core about inclusion and acceptance and understanding, is being represented on its 50th anniversary by an episode that fundamentally fails to embrace those values.

Rassilon forbid we have a Doctor in this episode who has aged, or is “wee and dumpy”, or any number of things that don’t fit in with the current tv showrunner’s preferred aesthetics."

Now I don't feel bad for not being invested any more. This is shameful. No wonder Robert Carlyle turned them down.


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