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(Spoilers for all aired OUaT eps, through the first half of season 3)

I'm terrible at keeping track of non-linear storytelling, and this is hampering my ability to write early!Rumbelle, which is one of favorite kinds of fic. So (unless anyone knows if someone else has already done this and I can just borrow theirs) here is a clumsy work in progress timeline, for my own reference. (Any and all help/corrections VERY much appreciated!)

-GIFs not mine :)

-I'm including a rough approximation of (my guesses of) time that had to have passed off screen for their relationship to have developed to a point where, for example, Belle hugs Rumple for not killing Hood.

-Bolded text is on screen, hence canon.

-Italicized is off screen, AKA my headcanon.

-Purple is from the ep "Lacey"; red is from "Skin Deep"; green is from s3 "Going Home"; Fuchsia (?) is from the Skin Deep script

1. Rum takes Belle from her father.
rumpelstiltskin largeestatetakenwalk

2. Journey to dark castle, it's clearly winter, snow everywhere.

3. Rum shoves her into the dungeon.

4. First evening in the dark castle. Except apparently he keeps her in the dungeon a week before this happens, which is in the script, but doesn't account for how she looks as clean and well-kempt as when he first took her.

5. Belle drops the cup

6. First night in the dark castle.

7. Early days in the dark castle.






17. Night/dawn when he gives her a pillow.

18. Discovery of Robin Hood

19. Rum tortures Hood, Belle disapproves.

20. Belle frees Hood

21. Carriage ride to hunt Hood, including the Sheriff of Nottingham trying to barter for a night with Belle.


22. Carriage ride to kill Hood, after meeting the Sheriff of Nottingham.

19. Belle saves Hood, hugs Rum.

24. Rum gives her a library. (She's still in the yellow dress.)

first library giftlibrary

Rum gives her a better room. Now canon because the script has Belle tell Regina that Rum kept her in a dungeon for "a while".
Gives her the blue dress.

Prima Nocta fic about here.

*Somewhere around here Belle interrupts Rum doing his remembrance candle thing on Bae's birthday. She's wearing the blue dress, but he acts defensively cold toward her, so this is probably before she falls off the ladder...except no because she knows about his son, she assumes he's dead...but he didn't tell her about the son until right before he permitted her to leave the dark castle (to "fetch straw".) During this remembrance scene he tells her Bae is still alive. So this COULD be AFTER the tender conversation sitting on the table, but before she leaves for the straw/running away?

"Weeks have passed" according to the script. Belle falls off the ladder into Rum's arms. "It's almost spring!" (OR DOES THIS TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE HOOD ENCOUNTER?)

(Probably same day, but possible to insert space here.)

"Many months have passed." Belle questions Rum about his son. "I've been here a couple of months now." Spring flowers outside. Gaston's rescue attempt fails, Rumbelle flirting ensues, he gives her a rose and bows.

*Remembrance candle scene could occur here.

Rum lets Belle leave the dark castle to fetch straw.

Belle meets Regina on the road.

Belle returns to the dark castle and kisses Rum

Rum throws Belle back in the dungeon.

Rum throws Belle out of the dark castle.

Belle drinks in a tavern, meets Grumpy (Dreamy at the time) and tells him to go after his love (Nova). That falls apart and she sees him again at the same tavern when he tells her to go with the people looking for the Yaoguai. (Thanks to Crysania4 for the info!)

Belle runs about with Mulan, being generally awesome.

Belle finds the Yaoguai, puts out the flames, uncurses Philip.

Belle heads back to Rum.

Regina imprisons Belle.

Months later Regina tells Rum Belle is dead.
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