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I was just chatting with a new Rumbelle friend about the different OUaT actors, and I got to thinking about something Robert Carlyle once said when comparing the difference between US actors and UK actors--he said in the UK actors are expected to bring something to filming other than just having learned their lines. UK actors generally expect to have more of a defined idea of their character, and how the scenes will play out, whereas in the US, actors are more of a blank slate and expect the director and show runner will tell them how to play it.

That's probably an over-generalization, and not meant as a judgment that one way is better than the other. (Also, it's paraphrased from my awful memory, so hopefully I didn't get that backwards or am otherwise horribly misquoting my beloved RC!)

It strikes me that this might be part of why the characters I love the most on this show are generally not American:
Rumple, Belle, Ruby, Peter Pan, Hook (well, don't love the writing decisions, but otherwise, yes, he's a bad guy, and he's good at it! and Colin is a really good actor)
and was the kid who played 12 yr old Bae Canadian? I loved that kid!
Actually, Peter Pan and Hook are badbadbad, so it's more that I appreciate the acting in those cases for example, I would have LOVED to keep Robbie Kay playing Henry.

I like Rebecca Mader as an actress, she was fabulous on LOST. She's not working for me so well on Once, but then I'm still enjoying her interaction with RC. Really, I enjoy that man interacting with anything and anyone :D it's when you take the WW away from Rumple and put her with Regina that things go campy.
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