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I was just chatting with a new Rumbelle friend about the different OUaT actors, and I got to thinking about something Robert Carlyle once said when comparing the difference between US actors and UK actors--he said in the UK actors are expected to bring something to filming other than just having learned their lines. UK actors generally expect to have more of a defined idea of their character, and how the scenes will play out, whereas in the US, actors are more of a blank slate and expect the director and show runner will tell them how to play it.

That's probably an over-generalization, and not meant as a judgment that one way is better than the other. (Also, it's paraphrased from my awful memory, so hopefully I didn't get that backwards or am otherwise horribly misquoting my beloved RC!)

It strikes me that this might be part of why the characters I love the most on this show are generally not American:
Rumple, Belle, Ruby, Peter Pan, Hook (well, don't love the writing decisions, but otherwise, yes, he's a bad guy, and he's good at it! and Colin is a really good actor)
and was the kid who played 12 yr old Bae Canadian? I loved that kid!
Actually, Peter Pan and Hook are badbadbad, so it's more that I appreciate the acting in those cases for example, I would have LOVED to keep Robbie Kay playing Henry.

I like Rebecca Mader as an actress, she was fabulous on LOST. She's not working for me so well on Once, but then I'm still enjoying her interaction with RC. Really, I enjoy that man interacting with anything and anyone :D it's when you take the WW away from Rumple and put her with Regina that things go campy.

Date: 2014-04-17 11:19 pm (UTC)
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I'm the opposite, I didn't like her on LOST but I think she's doing a great job with the Wicked Witch because she's embraced the perfect balance of crazy. Like, when you're given lines like, "it's the WICKED West!" you have to make a decision. (Sorry, I trained in acting for many years when I was younger so this is just opinions based on things I learned) And that decision is whether you're going to play it straight, or more tongue-in-cheek. And she is able to deliver the most ridiculous lines in a manner in which they still sound right coming from her. You know that this chick is crazy and snarky and desperate.

But I agree that my favorites on the show tend to be those not from the US, though I've never really considered it until now. And yes, Dylan Schmid (young Bae) is Canadian.

And Robbie Kay was just fabulous for his age, period.

Date: 2014-04-18 02:51 am (UTC)
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I think the reason she's not working for me on Once is BECAUSE her lines are "it's the WICKED West!"and the like, you are right--she doesn't have much choice there. So it's not her fault, she pretty much has to go the big-eyed teeth-gnashing pantomine route. I, personally, dislike that genre as much as farce, so really it's the whole garish theme of this half-season that is working for me even less well than Neverland.

(And I will always be grateful to NL for giving us Robert Carlyle in face paint and that droolsome coat, ahem)

Date: 2014-04-20 08:42 pm (UTC)
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I defiantly agree, I don't mind the American actors but actors who are not from the US or got a start outside the US really do have a more interesting view of the characters they play.
I would have loved Robbie to continue playing Henry, that would have been an awesome twist.

Date: 2014-04-20 09:50 pm (UTC)
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I wonder if it's coincidence or their training/expectations? Like British actors have usually gone to drama school and done stage work, whereas that's rare for American actors. And then look at all the great shows with British guys heading them up, like House and Lie to Me, LOVE!

Date: 2014-04-22 11:21 pm (UTC)
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This is so very true. I think this is why I feel Josh knows his character, despite being American he attended drama school in England.

Date: 2014-04-22 11:49 pm (UTC)
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Oh he did? Cool! I kinda have a thing for Charming&Belle friendship, I like him being protective.

Date: 2014-04-23 01:18 am (UTC)
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Yeah, he preformed at the Royal National Theatre as well as on a few BBC shows.

I do like their friendship, it's really sweet.


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