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Spoilers through all aired eps in season 3 OUaT

I watch this show for Robert Carlyle. Along the way I fell in love with Emilie de Ravin. I think Lana Parilla and Colin O'Donoghue are fabulous too.

I'm not in love with the OUaT writing, however, so bail now if you want only positivity! I like watching Colin on screen. I think he's a good actor, and he's delectable to look at. I want to like Hook, but I can't--to do so would be checking my integrity at the door.

JMO: I just want to try to put my finger on my problem with Hook, and how his character is being handled.

Hook is not a good guy. Neither is Regina, nor Rumple, but both Rum and Regina went through redemption arcs (complete with backsliding, so complex and therefore more authentic, imo) in which we saw self-loathing, self-recrimination, consequences, loss, suffering, uncertainty, even suicidal urges. So I can to a better degree forgive Regina and Rum, especially Rum when you contextualize his crimes in the light of the loss of his son, the corruption of dark magic, and the fact that these themes are up front and addressed.

When I look at Hook, however, I still see him for all he has done (I'll limit this to Belle and Bae, or I'd be here all day! But suffice to say he betrayed Ariel and Eric too for his own ends, was unnecessarily cruel and heartless when dealing with disabled Rumple, and has showed his true colors with countless other characters too)

- His abuse and betrayal of young Baelfire being presented as a healthy and happy relationship is bogus.

- A man who came across a young woman chained in a tower and beat her instead of freeing her, when it would have cost him nothing to let her go.

- Then he terrorized her by trying to kidnap her in SB (Belle was full on terrified by the time Rum rescued her in the library)
(insert gratuitous Rumbelle comfort about here!)

- Then he threatened her some more on his ship when she retrieved Rum's cloak, with clear sexual threat overtones, even though Belle stood her ground and faced him down (compare to Rum, who doesn't throw in "rapey" dimensions when he threatens people, if anything the opposite)

- Then he shot her and caused her to lose her memories

and on and get the picture. His character is ugly. He's not the lovable rogue they are trying to retcon us all into believing, he's a violent, selfish, abusive prick.

I LOVE that Belle, the most forgiving character on the show, REMEMBERS these things when she deals with Hook. She REMEMBERS Regina too. Neither Hook nor Regina have sought Belle's forgiveness, and Hook is clearly more interested in being smug than repentant.

Yes, Belle will work with them if she has to, to save Rumple, but she represents my opinion of Hook. He's not a good guy. His being lovelorn for Emma in no way endears him to me as I believe Kitsowitz think it will. His feelings for Milah didn't change my opinion of him as a total asshole with how he treated her crippled husband (and once he laid eyes on bb!Bae, he should have walked away instead of taking Milah--his libido outweighed any concern for leaving a child motherless) and his rapport with Henry is so fake and forced it is painful to watch. Also, if Henry saw how Hook treated Henry's father at that age, he wouldn't give Hook the time of day.

So thank goodness Belle has integrity, or this show would be unwatchable. It's insulting to me to present a character like this as if Emma should want him. If she saw who he was when no one is watching--like when he left Belle in the tower after backhanding her so hard she was out cold, when she had never done anything to him--I mean, really, what kind of man could or would do that? No one I want to know.

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