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Have vented my spleen at the usual garbage writing (WHY O WHY do I ever expect better?!) at the lovely comm, so now have a wee fic, cause I'm too under the weather to make it into work tomorrow anyway :/

Wishful thinking follow-on missing scene from ep 4x19, after Belle walks away. For whoever said on tumblr they could imagine how it would be if Rumple is the one to return Belle's heart (I believe they used the expression that he would treat her like spun glass when he returned it) along with the hope that Belle not be left without it for longer than that scene.

(un-beta-ed, so would as always love it if people point out errors!)

Positive things about the scene:

(should mebbe post these on the comm instead of always being so negative!)

She summoned him in that supercute storybook way that I love the idea of.

He came STRAIGHT to her, dropping everything and it played perfectly because the audience and other character were all like uh whut?

He went IMMEDIATELY to apologies, as if this might be his only chance to see her ever again, which I adored. He wasn't aggressive or anything. He had a plausible plotline about his heart--okay it's silly but it could have been much worse, and it's at least not all that "I VANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD BWHAHAHA FNAR!" supervillain OOC nonsense from last year. (I mean, RC has BEEN a Bond supervillain and it wasn't remotely that hokey!)

Belle remembered that she is the kind of wife who loved a flawed husband/chipped cup. Yep oversimplification but I'd rather not suffer thru marriage therapy 101 from a couple of hormonal teen boys, so let's just stick with Rumple the cup, yup, and jump to reunion lovin, which THEY DID!

Definite carefulness in coming back together which was harking back to how delicate he has always been with her and why I fell in love with this pairing in the first place: that respect and sweetness and tenderness. You can't see him kiss her but you CAN see her face as he approaches her and she's very emotional but she's clearly nodding assent and meeting him halfway.

A kiss!

Am a tad miffed we didn't see the initiation of the kiss (like WHYYYY?) but it was nonetheless such a really lovely kiss, I dunno, just so sweet, maybe for being so unexpected in such a rushed strangely paced scene? Maybe because it was possibly the most chaste of all the Rumbelle kisses, which feels appropriate given it's a reunion kiss when being forgiven and accepted and so quickly was like the LAST thing Rum or the audience were expecting, so he was hesitant to kiss her full on romantically? I mean it was VERY intimate and romantic, I just mean it was not the kind of sensual fake-french-tv-kissing, it was somehow more tentative and yet still so passionate and loving, I dunno, it was just a desperately beautiful kiss and I would have LOVED to see how it was initiated.

Date: 2015-04-20 02:09 pm (UTC)
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The fic is lovely. You should definitely post it at the comm. I haven't written OUAT fic since S2. The plot lines just suck, and I haven't had the time or energy to go completely AU. I've done it with other fandoms, and AU takes a ton of work.

Date: 2015-04-21 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Aw thanks love! My brain is still wooly so I had to come home from work, so hopefully I'll have time to post something at the comm today <3

And yes I agree, the plot lines are a joke, I don't even try to follow them anymore tbh.


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